Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Houston, we've got sleeves!

These are the sleeves to my Cassidy cardigan, blocking. They will look better when they dry and are on the sweater, I swear.
This sweater is a serious deal for me, as I knew it would be. Not only am I knitting from a chart, but I learned the proper way to do a mattress seam on a sweater, and *gosh* does that ever make a difference! I am actually pretty excited about the finished product!

In other news, we got an automatic cat feeder. It is set to go off and dump out a specified amount of food 3 times a day, so now we don't have to worry quite so much about being home to meet the cats needs.
This is what they all look like when they hear it dump the food. Dexter gets there first, cuz he's a big bully, Mulder usually moves in, and Itchy gets it last. We were worried that they weren't all getting enough, so we upped the amount a bit. Now it seems just perfect.

We hoped this would help to alleviate the problem of herd of kitties running to food bowl because they're starving. And it has. A bit.