Friday, July 1, 2011

Random Updating

It's been a while since I updated, and I'm sick (again) with a head cold, so this post might just end up being a rambling bit of random nonsense with some pictures thrown in. You are now warned.

In Time for the Second Rapture is done. The pic doesn't do it justice, of course, but when that second Rapture comes, I'll be ready.

This is a picture of the sheep that Lisa and I got from a friend. I got it out one absolutely perfect day and set to sorting and washing.

I decided to wash the brown fleece first, cuz it was pretty. After much sloshing in poopy water, hours of drying in the sun, then working my ass off with the hand carders, I ended up with a bit of fleece to spin, and the realization that while I technically could do this if I wanted to, I don't want to. It's really really fucking messy and dirty, and other people do a much better job of it. And if you really think about it, fleece and roving and all that pretty stuff you get at the harvest festivals and such isn't expensive at all.

So I'm not really sure where the rest of the fuckton of poopy fleece is going to end up, but I'm pretty sure I'm not washing it.

And here's the random cat picture of the day. I made some more stuffed fishy toys for the boys, and here's Mulder guarding his (he's sitting on it the big oaf) from Dexter who is trying to sneak (he's physically incapable of sneaking) up on him to get it.