Monday, August 31, 2009


I've been spinning the last 2 days. I felt guilty for having all this lovely fiber and not using it. Spinning so much my right leg hurts, but I got back in the mojo of it. Spun great mauve merino, then pulled out this stuff I've had for about 2 years, turns out the colors are great, but it's a "wool mix" and boy is it ever. Not really put together in any way that makes it easy to pull hanks out of, but I'm doing my best. I've got what's in the pic so far.

So now that I've been spinning, I get to stop by a spinning store on my way to my Mom's on friday. I'm just picking up a niddy noddy. I swear.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Funny Kitty Time

I caught Dexter doing something that Itchy does to Mulder, laying on the floor by the water bowl drinking with his paw while Mulder is standing there. I thought only Itchy did this, but apparently not so. Any ideas on why????? Is it trying to be friends?

And a nice moment with Itchy and Dexter in the window. I think Dexter looks kinda like the phantom of the opera, with the half mask.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pink baby sweater rescued

Remember that pink baby sweater I was knitting when I was told it was a boy? and then she didn't want any sweater or anything at all? Well, I didn't rip out the sweater. I stuck it in a bag and saved it. A coworker is having a girl, so I finished it. Yay! Pink sweater is no longer doom filled to the bottom of a bag!

Monday, August 24, 2009


I'm taking my mom to Hawaii! We are going Dec 26 - 30th! Honolulu here we come! She's always wanted to go to Hawaii, she turns 50 this year, and Hawaii is the 50th state and turns 50 this year too. We couldn't quite pull off her bday, so we're going later. Now I just have to find some sort of swim type thing to wear. The last time I tried on swimwear I cried and told the lady at Target they had the worst lighting ever in their dressing rooms. I'm hoping to keep it together a bit more this time. No promises.

I've also got a major case of knitting startitis. My new love, the Knitters Palette in Lakeville, was having an anniversary sale last weekend, 20% off all yarns and patterns, so I hit the road by myself and took a trip. So worth it. I could've spent all day there. The ladies were super lovely, and I met some Ravelers that I hadn't known before. Ravelry people are such a different breed of people. We go to Ravelry to connect with other knitters, so when we meet other knitters that are on Rav too, we instantly feel like they are our best friends ever. So much fun. I picked up lots of goodies that you will see in various stages of knitted items soon, I promise, including the fabled silky merino Malabrigo that I had thought only existed in the bowels of Ravelry, but no, it's in person and I'm knitting it! It's just not big enough yet to be pretty enough to photo. Oh, and some lovely Elsebeth Lavold silky wool that I bought 5 balls of and am kicking myself for not buying all of it. Oh, and some Malabrigo sock yarn in a mystical blue color. Oh, and the book Knit one Bead Too, because I'm trying to learn beading with knitting. Way pretty, but not so easy. Oh, and some other yarn too. I promise. Pics of knitted items.

ETA: No body fluids on the floor since Thursday of last week. Not sure if it was the Feliway plug in, the treats to entice to the pooper, or if Mulder got over his anxiety, but I'm taking it. I also have all new litter boxes that are open on the top, no covers. We had noticed no poo in the covered boxes, but now all are fully operational.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


We tried double sided tape on the floor where Mulder has been peeing, but nope. He pooped on the tape. Last night I got him to use the litter box by enticing with treats. It worked last night, but not today. So I got the air plug in Feliway, supposed to help, so we'll see.

I also got the 3rd season of Dexter, I plan to sit and not stress. Oh, and the phone is still wonky. Working on that now. I think.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Worse to Worser

Well, not quite for me. Mulder's insulin is being upped now. Not a UTI, so thinking is blood sugar was too high and causing too much urine.
What is worser is that a coworker just had a brain tumor removed, and is going to have to go thru chemo and radiation. I've known this girl for 6 or more years, and even though we haven't always been the best of buddies, I feel for her. I put together a learn to knit kit with all the essentials, 3 needle types, stitch n bitch book, 2 yarn choices, and a big fluffy wrap to cozy up in. She remarked once that she would like to learn how to make scarves, so I'm going to her house tomorrow to give her a lesson if she wants.
I don't do flowers for get well soon, I do yarn.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Stronger than beer

I need something stronger than beer please.
Mulder's peeing escalated. We pulled up the carpet, mopped, scrubbed, and still, this morning I got up to pee across the hardwood floors. Slanted, across, of course because the house is a bit slanted. Worried all day, and finally from the advice of a number of Ravelers, took him to the vet. I got him in the carrier, which he then peed in, he peed on the tech, he peed on the vet, he peed on the ultrasound, he peed in the carrier on the floor which caused pee all over the floor, to which the WONDERFUL vet tech helped me by giving me some towels and walked me to my car and laid towels in the car so I wouldn't get pee all over in the car. LOVE HER! (found out her cat pees too)
So he probably has a UTI, which is commonly a reaction to stress. So he could have just been stressed out when it was the explosive diarrhea, but it then caused the UTI, which caused the peeing, which caused me to break into tears in the vets office.
Thankfully, if it's a UTI (I get the results friday) it's just a pill. And despite his current status, he really is a great pill taker.
In addition, I have had the lovely experience of having the asshole doctor from our neighboring office decide to inappropriately caress my arm and ask how I'm doing so close to my face I could smell his breath. So I filed a harassment complaint. This is not news, this is the same asshole that has already had a sexual harassment complaint against him, and there were witnesses. But seriously, give me a stupid break. Hopefully this will just result in him being banned from wandering into our side of the offices, and that will be the end of it. Because really, I'm not sure I can take much more before I lose it.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Still working on it

After 5 days with the cats, I can say we are still working on it. Mulder peed yesterday on the rug, right after I sprayed the "no mark" so not sure how much that is actually helping at all. Dexter took a ginourmous human sized poop yesterday, enough that it freaked out Eric, which is hard to do. We got another litter box that is open on the top, so he has his choice, and he's used it, we just think he might not be completely comfortable yet. Which is understandable, it's only been 2 1/2 weeks.
What's fun is the early morning/evening romps between Dexter and Itchy. It's sounds a bit like a herd of cattle running up and down the stairs, and sometimes I think Dexter goes into flight on the stairs. He loves the stairs. We're pretty sure the wrestling and fighting is playing, no blood quite yet. Even so, Mulder has drawn blood on Itchy, so it's not so worrisome. It's actually kinda relaxing seeing them play, because it's why we got Dexter in the first place, or so we tell ourselves.
Back to work tomorrow, but just a 3 day week. I got the tool cupboard cleaned out and found lots of stuff I didn't know we had, like 2 hammers, about 10,000 nails, 8,000 screws, some really huge screw type things, some tent spikes for a tent we don't have, 4 tape measures, 18 screwdrivers, 20 or so s hooks in various sizes, lots of rope don't ask why, and some stuff left over from our fish tank days. It's all pared down, and the tools that were in the junk drawer are now with the tools, and our junk drawer looks sadly empty after the emptying of about 800 various parts to things we no longer own.
Gotta go, Dexter is climbing the printer now

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Still good

We're still good. I think Mulder is beginning to be ok. He drowned another new toy yesterday. about 5 times. It's this dumb snake that you pull the tail and it skitters across the floor. He likes it. Means to keep it as his own by claiming it in his bowl. Can't keep the darn thing dry. Fine by me if it means he's happy.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

No body fluids for almost 2 days

It's been nearly 2 days with no body fluids in inappropriate places. I almost want to do a dance of joy, but the cats are all calm right now, so don't want to disturb the peace.
Mulder seems happier with me shutting the door to let him eat without kitty interuption. Note to self: let Mulder eat in peace.
I have friday, monday and tuesday off. I plan nothing. I plan to be responsible for nothing. After I hit the post office I am a free woman. I apologize to all my knitting friends waiting on packages from me, but the post office has seemed like an insurmountable obstacle the last few days. I will go tomorrow. The car will explode if I don't. After that, if you want me, come find me. I might answer, I might not. Dexter chewed thru the charger for my cell, so don't call that phone. And our house phone is acting like static is the new bread. So maybe not that either. And if you ring the doorbell I'll kick your ass for upsetting the cats, so don't do that either. Never mind, just email me if you need me. But I'm not promising anything.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I do still knit

Even though things have been crazy making, I'm still knitting. Sometimes just one stitch at a time, then running to catch disaster from happening or getting worse, but still knitting nonetheless. Isn't that what knitting is anyway? Just one stitch at a time?

I've finished a few things, a couple basic 2x2 scarves, a hat to match, a xmas sock for this year's charity, and have gotten 1 skein thru my Malabrigo shawl (for myself you can't have it). Not sure what I'm doing with the scarves and hats, the plan really is to make a bunch more and see if I can't sell a few to some coworkers or other's for xmas presents this year.

Yes, Mulder is still pissed at me. Yes, he peed on the floor again last night. Which was great, because he was marking and then Dexter decided he needed to re-mark and pooped the greatest stinkiest poop of all time on top of it. Rock out my house. But Mulder is eating, which is good, I've been closing the door the last few days to give him kitty reprieve while he eats, cuz that really stresses him out.

Tonight is a quiet night though, which makes me so happy you have no idea. The last week or so have been so crazy I haven't been able to think, sleep, eat, or see straight. I really hope to get to bed early.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Let me add

I just need to add that Mulder is a man and he has been with me for 13+ years, and so he has figured out how to get my nerves in a bundle. Friday night he sat in front of the tv, looked at me, and peed.
I say this gets my nerves in a bundle because of his diabetes. Don't want his insulin/sugar to get whacky.
He does this because he's pissed. Very PISSED. He's realized that Dexter is staying (I think he didn't get it till now) and he's mad as hell. I know he's pissed at me because he looks at me when he pees. If he has an infection he tries to hide the pee, not make sure as shit I see him doing it. So don't tell me to go to the vet. I know my cat. He hates me right now.
He had my nerves so shot by Sunday that I cleaned nearly everything, vacuumed, dusted, and I'm thinking about spending the 2 days I have off next week cleaning out the basement. Oh, and some beer helped.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Now not only is there explosive diarrhea, but explosive vomit. Mulder seems to have nerves like me. We're ok for a bit, but then we have a convulsive fit. Denial, denial, denial, then ohcrapthissucksIwanttocrawlintoaholepleaseleavemethefuckalone.
It's my own fault. I let Dexter out too soon. Everything says to re-confine, but that would suck a lot. We're home all this weekend, so hopefully some snugs and new treats and more snugs will help.
On the plus, Dexter could care less.