Sunday, April 26, 2009

Itchy likes to sew too!

That pic is what happened when I tried to get out the machine and sew. Apparently someone wanted some attention. He is actually laying on scissors.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Strange Occurences

The cats got along for about 10 whole minutes. This was the only window open today, and apparently they were both desperate enough for window-ness-birdy-looking that they sat actually TOUCHING for a whole 10 minutes. I have proof. See picture. It may never happen again, so I had to savor the moment for posterity.

In other news, there are 2 new rules in our house. Eric must come to bed at night instead of sleeping on the couch, and once a week preferably the weekend we spend a night doing something together. So far so decent. Last night he fell asleep on the couch and came to bed at 5:21. I woke up and told him it didn't count if he came to bed 9 minutes before the alarm went off. He disagreed. Then the alarm went off and he said he saw my point. Tonight we played video games together. Even though we are both exhausted from a long week and today was my first Friday back to work in 3 months, it was fun.

It also turns out I have 2 weeks off in may, and he has the same 2 weeks off. we are currently researching trips to the bahamas for a few days. sitting on the beach together sounds like heaven to me.

Friday, April 17, 2009

I need an intervention in fun

Well, the yarn buying season has started. Every year it starts this weekend with the big Textile Center garage sale. Then it moves on to garage sales, estate sales, Shepherd's Harvest in Lake Elmo, etc. I kicked off in my own special way tonight with the Textile Center.

See pics. I brought my own bags this year. Last year I didn't and was sorry. The garage sale at the Textile center is a really big deal for yarnies and fabric hounds like me. It is serious discount prices on seriously fantastic yarn and fabric in seriously large quantities. Last year I learned a lesson. I was somewhat indiscriminate about what I bought last year, and brought home some stuff I'm not sure I will ever use. This year I was picky. I only got goooooood stuff. Still, I walked out of there with well over $700 worth of stuff for $100. I got 100% silk yarn, silk blends, wool, needles, stuff for my charity knitting, I had so much fun! Everyone was so nice, I chatted and knit in line with some women waiting to get in, no one was pushy, everyone was polite and said please and excuse me, it was such a good time. I had actually thought about not going, but I am so glad I did.
I will try to take individual yarn pics this weekend and upload to ravelry so you can oggle my goodies.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I started my Mom's mother's day present, but because she reads this blog, all you get is a pic of the yarn I'm using. It's James C Brett "Marble", Acrylic but feels like a blend of wool. I have no qualms about acrylic, because nowadays there are so many choices out there for nice acrylic you don't have to be a snob. The color choices are amazing, the feel of the yarn is great, and it's all machine washable. A blanket made from acrylic today is not the same as a blanket made from acrylic 20 years ago. Yes, I like my snobby fancy yarn, but it has it's place. Acrylic suits the user/wearer 80% of the time if that person is not another knitter or knows how to care for 100% llama for instance. I think part of the process of knitting a gift for another person is taking into account how much care you are asking them to put into the garment or present after they receive it. Cashmere bed slippers for my mom, you betcha cuz she knows how to take care of them. But with this particular item, I want it to be something that looks great without causing heart palpitations when it's being used for fear of snags, shrinkage, stains, etc. I want this to be "usable".

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Donation Plug

As many of you know I work with several different charities for both animals and humans alike, and would like to put in my plug for the ASPCA. They are an organization that is funded solely on donations, and use the money for all services pet/animal related. If you watch animal planet and enjoy shows like "Animal Cops" you really should be aware that this is funded by the ASPCA, and all those heroes wouldn't be able to do their job without our funding. Please go to if you want to find out more about donating to help. This time is especially hard for everyone, but I want to remind people that the recession has also hit those who can't afford to care for or keep their pets anymore, and the ASPCA needs donations now more than ever. Can you imagine losing your job, foreclosure on your home, and not being able to feed or house your pet anymore through no fault of your own? What would happen to them?

Monday, April 6, 2009

More Room

I got the shelves on the wall, and the TV too. The TV was an experience. Lets just say that Target is not going to be known by me as the customer service capitol. The first time I went to get the wall mount, there was no one to help me. So I picked the wrong one. the second time I went to bitch, there was no one to bitch at. Umph. Eric got the right one at Best Buy, but there are no studs in the wall where the TV goes, so thank goodness it's a light TV.
The shelves have my roving and some yarn, and handmade bags that are too pretty for the closet, because there are no studs there either.
Now my sewing table has been recommissioned for, sewing, and piles of stuff.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

More Random Stuff

That is a picture of my brand new fancy schmancy jumbo flyer and bobbin full up with 2 ply merino. (wicked still has room!) I haven't figured out just how much yardage I got out of all of that yet, but I'm sure it's more than 20!

I met with Tracie today, she handed off the lovely Grapevine acrylic snuggle to me to finish and I gave her the baby set of doom to donate along with her pile of blankets when she goes. She mentioned that I should maybe save the set for a shower or something, but it has too much bad mojo in it, which was emphasized by both of us when we started ranting about the woman that didn't want it. Thank you Tracie for empathizing with me. It helps a lot. So, the set is out of my life, and someone who can use it will get it.
I also grabbed some more shelves from Michael's and painted those today, so they will go up probably tomorrow in my quest for more room in my craft room. No more room on floor, must use wall space now. Same goes for the tv, it got a wall fixture that will go up tomorrow so I have more room on that table. When I start hanging things from the ceiling it will be time to call in the experts, don't let me do it!
That's all for now. Mom and Leo are going to Mexico City for Leo's 12th birthday this week, happy bday hermanito, and mom is under orders for mexican yarn. Or at least a blanket.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Got my stuff

I got my order today, it's drying from the staining and will then get minwaxed, so it probably won't get on the wheel until Friday. Then we'll see how good I am at putting that stuff together!