Monday, September 27, 2010

Sweater kick

I am on a serious sweater kick. Maybe it's because I actually got a sweater knitted that fit me, or that it's getting colder, but I just finished another sweater, the Mondo Cable Cardi from Chic Knits, knit in Cascade Eco Duo, a lovely lovely yarn that is 75% alpaca and 25% merino which makes it oh so warm and oh so soft and drapey. I knit a little shorter for the body as called for because alpaca tends to stretch, and I didn't want it down to my knees. The top photo is pre-buttons, and the second is after the buttons were added.
This photo shows the nice color of the yarn better, it does have a very subtle striping effect that isn't too weird.
Now onto the next sweater, you'll have to wait and see!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Just a few things

Just a quick post to update you on the things I've been knitting since leaving my job:
A pair of fingerless mittens: Pattern Endpaper Mitts from Ravelry

A pair of socks, pattern Crevasse on Ravelry

A baby sweater, pattern Baby Yoda on Ravelry

A sweater (yes, THE Sweater) that turned out lovely btw, pattern Cassidy on Ravelry

A blanket, pattern Modern Log Cabin on Ravelry

And a few hats, can't for the life of me remember the pattern name, but they're on Ravelry too.

I've also been working a bit here and there at Crafty Planet on Johnson St. in NE Mpls. Please come by and see me on a Sunday afternoon! I can't tell you how awesome that place is and how much I love working there! Finally, a job that feeds my yarn and fabric addiction!