Wednesday, May 26, 2010

This little girl was hanging out at work this morning when I got there. She was hungry, shaking, cold, wet, and hurt badly on her back foot. She was also the cutest and sweetest thing on the face of the planet

As you can see, her foot is about 3 times the size of her other foot. Some asshole put a tourniquet on her and almost cost her the whole foot. Her entire paw was sliced open on the pads.

I think there is a special place in Hell for people that neglect or abuse animals.

We called Animal Control, and a very nice officer came and took her along with a coworker to the animal hospital. They won't have to amputate her foot, which they were afraid of, and she might not need stitches if they can help it. The coworker wants to adopt her, but is afraid of the expense. She did hear from the officer (who has rescued and kept 3 of his own dogs) that said the station could impound her for 10 days, then she could come get her at a lesser expense than having to pay all the vet bills out of pocket.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Did anyone else watch the season finale of "Medium"? I kept thinking to myself, she gets to spend her whole afterlife in her pajamas! Yay!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Kill me now

All I have to say about this week is that I actually had to complain to my boss that my coworker was clipping his toenails at his desk. And she's threatening to call HR in to mediate the situation. What in the name of everything is there to mediate? How do you mediate NOT clipping your toenails at your desk?
A better idea would be to mediate me NOT waiting in the parking lot for him to come out and ramming my car into him over and over and over back and forth until his toes become severed from the rest of his body.
THAT would be a better idea.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Shepherd's Harvest pics

Just for kicks, I got a picture of all 3 boys together. I was playing on the Wii fit and they were all rapt, as they should be. Of course Mulder is in his king position on the pillow, Itchy on the arm, and Dexter on the cushion.
This is the sheep dog demo I got to watch a bit of. I was pausing to drink some hot coffee, it was freezing. The dogs were pretty cool, and fun to watch.
This is a knitted wedding dress I saw. The woman that knit it wore it for her wedding, as well she should. I would wear it every day, and end up 50 years later covered in cobwebs in a dilapidated mansion.

Those were the best photos. I had a blast, came home with enough fiber and yarn to spin and knit for at least another year.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Whatcha eating?

I really suck at feeding myself. This has become more apparent this week on vacation as I try to fend for myself and not rely on my daily frozen lunch in the microwave for my main meal of the day.
Today out of desperation for normal-ish food and something new, I made hard-boiled eggs for the first time ever in my life. Really. It was a feat to behold. I even had to look up how to do it on the Internet. Seriously. I paced for the whole 10 minutes they were "simmering" which I'm not really even sure I know what that means, thinking the whole time they would explode on the stove just like the time my Mom put them in the microwave and they blew the door off.
When they were done, I ate them with trepidation. They smelled good, they tasted good, but for about 2 hours I was beset with the idea that I would have food poisoning because I didn't do it right. Which I don't by the way. I'm fine. I think.
So I've realized I'm probably going to starve to death by this time next week if I don't get some ideas soon. I HATE TO COOK. Seriously. When I lived by myself I was so freaking proud of myself for making a spaghetti dinner that I thought I was queen of the world. I do that about once a year. Macaroni & cheese from the box is my cooking. And I only do that once a week or so. A plate of bacon used to and still can be a nice dinner. Add an egg if you have them, but they're easier to cook when you float them in the bacon grease so you can flip them. Rice-a-roni is not a side but a well thought out meal.
So what do you make? Is there anything in a box I can make other than pasta? A can of something other than ravioli? No. I willnotmakeramen.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

One incredibly cute burgundy corduroy jacket hanging out in the basement along with 2 sweatshirts and a cardigan I thought I had lost. Discovered while on the hunt for winter jackets to donate.
Done: Donation of 4 garbage bags of clothing. Absolutely none of which came from my closet. They were all leftovers from last years purge.
But hey, gotta start somewhere right?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Something weird

There is something weird that happens when you decide to do ALL of the laundry that's been sitting around. You suddenly realize a lot of odd things all at once.
1 You have a crapton of clothes
2 You still have nothing to wear and you hate it all
3 Except for the super cute burgundy corduroy jacket that yes indeed is missing.
4 You do not have enough hangers
5 Someone came and stole all of your underwear except the crappy stuff.