Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Possible Big Insurance Smackdown

So, the whole mess of my job is a big long complicated Corporate Saga, so I won't go into the minutia. Essentially certain people at Big Insurance Company that we've partnered with for 15 or so years tried to steal all of our providers from under our noses. CEO of said Insurance Company, and CEO of our company had no idea this was going on until someone called us and told us that this had happened. CEO of Big Insurance, CEO and CFO of our company and others held an emergency meeting yesterday of which the results are still unknown. I do know that CEO of Big Insurance company is quite pissed that these certain people did this, and I do know that our CEO is furious. Millions of dollars are on the table here, including the jobs of everyone in my company and the mental health care of each person that has said Big Insurance as their health insurance. And all because a few certain people decided to try to steal our company's business from us.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Any ideas?

If anyone has any ideas on what someone does when the last 8 1/2 years of their career are being trashed by a Big Insurance Company, let me know. Until then, I'll be quietly or not so quietly freaking out.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

A call for Outlander books!

I'm about halfway thru the Outlander book #1, so today I went on a hunt for the rest of the series. Because I can see that stopping after the first is not going to be an option. Turns out the B & N in Brooklyn Park is closed, so I hit the Half price books in crystal, which only had book #5. They gave me the # to the St Louis park store, which had book #2. I drove out there, which by the way is a big "yay me" because I never just get on the highway and drive to a place I don't know how to get to, and they had the book with minimal spine damage that they gave me for FREE!
So if you have books 3 or 4, let me know, I would love to borrow them. And don't try to explain the book to your husband. You just sound dumb.

Friday, September 25, 2009

I got nuthin and I like it

Nuthin going on this weekend here. I like it. Might spin a bit, got some lovely stuff to work with. Might not. I am not pressuring me. I might just drink some beer and knit and watch some TV.
Speaking of TV, I heard some people say they weren't so impressed with Thursday's Grey's Anatomy premerie, but I was totally impressed. I liked how they made everything seem normal, but not-so-normal at the same time. I am so in love with that show.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Almost time to relax

Just one more day, and we can all hang out like this
I haven't been doing much of anything really, still working on my Oddball Leader blanket, the ginourmous log cabin blanket that might just take until I die to complete, a simple 2x2 scarf, and I added some socks for fun. The socks are actually pretty great, it's the Spring Forward pattern that the Yarn Harlot just posted about, SpringForward it was in my list on Ravelry, and I have this great yarn from Knit Picks, Essential sock yarn in Glacial which is of course discontinued because I got it in their last sale. It's a nice pale green, kinda like what ice/snow looks like in dim light. I had been holding onto the yarn waiting for a good pattern, and this is it!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I finally love a sweater!

I finally made a sweater that I love to pieces! It is the Waterford Cardigan (free on Ravelry) from Lion Brand. You are supposed to use super chunky yarn, but I decided to make it with bulky yarn, but make a size medium instead of small. I also made the arms a size small so they wouldn't hang too much. Voila! wonderful knit! I used Knit Picks WOTA chunky in navy, about 5 balls, but not sure really because it was from a frogged sweater. It just needs a few buttons and she's done! I already have the yarn out for the next one!

The cats are doing fine. Thanks Yarncharmer for asking! Mulder still doesn't like Dexter, but Dexter really doesn't care. Dex is finally learning to just stay away from Mulder. The only time this is a problem is feeding time. Otherwise Itchy and Dex play and fight and sleep and lick each other and it's incredibly cute and funny. Dex also likes to come in and eat my hair while I'm sleeping. That isn't so cute or funny. One time he attacked my entire head with all 4 ginormous paws. That sucked. I don't know where his paws came from, but they are clearly not of the cat variety. More lion variety. HUGE. Thank goodness his previous owners taught him to not use his claws, that would suck more.

Just waiting on some cooler weather to wear my sweater now!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Weekend Update

Just an update on my weekend. Had tons of fun with mom in Steven's Point, shopping, champagne and birthday stuff. I took pics of the Doc Marten's I found at a thrift store for 15$ that actually fit me! On the way there I stopped at Color Connection just outside of Hudson, had a fit of fun there, the women were lovely, kind, and sooooo welcoming. I wanted to move into the store. I got a niddy noddy, and lots of other goodies that I shouldn't have but couldn't help myself. Heck, when will I ever get back there? Really, if you are heading out of town to the east, you need to check these girls out. It's just 10 miles east of Hudson, and about 2 more miles to the north-ish. I found them thru a search on Ravelry. The pic of yarn is just one of the goodies I bought there, because I can't leave you without a pic of yarn!