Sunday, September 28, 2008

Frogging turtleneck of doom

I have finally decided that the turtleneck of neverending ginormous doom is going to be frogged. There is a lot of yarn in that sweater. and though it may not be the best yarn, it is still yarn. And the sweater is awful. By the pics you can't tell just how huginormous it is. but it is. I thought for some reason to make the size medium. I know I'm not teeny, but I'm not huge, so I thought medium would be good. Nope. Baggy on DH, who is about 60 pounds heavier than me. And there was the problem with the neck. The problem with the neck that has shaped every problem with every neck I have had since. I tried that neck probably 15 times. Ripping, knitting, ripping, knitting, enough that the neck became a saggy messy holey atrocity.
So bye bye doom.
And I finished Breaking Dawn. I know some people were dissappointed with the ending, but I wasn't. A nice clean finish to a series that didn't leave everyone dead. Well, in the human sense of the word at least.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Almost done

Ever enjoy a book so much that you don't want it to end? I still only have about 50 pages to go on Breaking Dawn, but I have loved the series of books so much I don't want to get to the last page. I could. Tonight even finish the book. BUT I DON WANNA!

In other news, I realized that my obsession with knitting during tv shows leaves me some time, so I joined a few charity knitting ops. I am now in about 4 or 5, I lost count, I will just knit as the blankies show up at my door. How it works is one person starts the blankie, and then passes it on needles and on to the next knitter in line. Usually via mail. I am lucky though, one of the people in the project lives close enough that we meet for coffee and knitting when it is time to pass on the blankie, and she is a dear. I get to see her again on Friday. Pic is of the first blankie I've worked on and the lovely ceramic jar she gave me as a small gift. Gotta love the knitters.

Monday, September 22, 2008

yep, still obsessed

It's been a full week since last blog, and I have managed to get to almost the very end of the last book. Honestly, I'm exhausted. Too exhausted to finish the book tonight, even though it would only be another hour or so of reading. I read all last week, and literally got up at 9:30 am sunday and read until 8pm. I even had to stop myself from reading while cooking (because I forgot to eat) and call Amy to talk about the book. The book is Breaking Dawn, the last book of the series in my last blog. Crack I tell you. Crack.
Amy read the series in a week. Said she didn't sleep and had a stomache ache from the damn series. I didn't believe her until last night. After reading about Bella and Edward and the rest for a good 11 hrs, no breaks at all, I dreamt of them. I woke up thinking in some dreamlike state I was in the book. I spent all day thinking about the stupid book.
Have any of you ever been so immersed in a book that you read non stop for a whole day or more, and start to feel like you are living in that "story" because it's all you have been doing? Jane Eyre? Anne Rice? VC Andrews?

Monday, September 15, 2008


I used to be an avid reader. I collected books like I collect yarn now, almost entirely in the same fashion. I would see something that looked good, buy it, and put it on the shelf until it called to me, the same way I buy yarn. After the knitting hit me, I put down the books mostly and knitted in my spare time. I did still read, ususally on my lunch breaks, a book a month, no where near the book a week or more like before.
Enter new obsession:
That is book 1 of a 4 book series. I am on book 3, Eclipse. (no, don't buy them for me for xmas, my addicter friend loaned me the ones I don't have)
So mentioned addicter friend Amy (she owed me, I got her on knitting) told me of the series, and I was hooked. Yes, it is a series in the young adult section. No, there is no sex (well, not yet anyway) Yes, it's a vampire series. But captivating nonetheless. Maybe for those reasons? Easy read, no intellectual existential talk. No politics.
And, it's coming out as a movie. Me and Amy already have the day planned. DH's be damned, we are going to see some hot young vampire action!

Friday, September 12, 2008

I remember why I'm moody this week

I had no idea for a while there why I actually had a physical lump in my throat. Then I remembered what happened.
I hope you do too.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Me... Cooking!

I hate to cook. Really. Dinner can be anything that doesn't require cooking, which for other people is a snack. I just eat a lot so that it's dinner. A whole bag of chips. Popcorn. Sometimes I'll nuke a brat, but otherwise, no cooking.
I am though, after 7 years or so, getting quite sick of how much I spend on lunches. I have to eat lunch. It's my main meal. and if there isn't something in the freezer at work, I get take out. Ugh. $15 sometimes. At least once a week.
I'm not all that bad though, I usually hit the store on Monday and stock up for the week on frozen meals. Today's frozen meals aren't all that bad, and they aren't terribly expensive, but they are more expensive than cooking at home.
After reading Crazy Aunt Purl's blog the last few weeks I am going to try to cook more and take more to work from home. Tonight I made frozen ravioli and garlic bread. The garlic bread is just bread with butter and garlic powder in the oven, and the ravioli is... well... frozen. But it's all good and cheap. $3 ravioli bag, 4 meals, $4 sauce, bread about $.75 for the 6 slices. All said, maybe $12 for a week of meals. Even buying frozen lunches would be double at least.
What are you doing to save money?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The sisterhood of the traveling yarn

Aka: my yarn goes on a vacation.

A few posts ago you may remember a fellow Raveler in need of some yarn I had. Said yarn was just in my closet, so away 4 skeins went to help her finish her sweater (great job Bley! I may copy!). Turns out she only needed 2. 2 left.

Enter being nice remorse. Said yarn is angora/wool. Not the most expensive yarn on the planet, and it fuzzes a bit in knitting, but really nice nonetheless. I was/am really happy to have been able to help her out, but I realized that in letting 4 skeins go, I only had 6 left, not enough for the nice warm long sleeved/possible turtleneck sweater I envision this yarn to grow up to be.

Lo and behold, the knitting fates smiled on us both. She finished her sweater, and had 2 skeins left. she emailed me if I wanted the other 2 returned to me. !!!!!! How nice! She could have just made a matching hat or something, but now I get to have enough for at least a long sleeved sweater, and I may copy hers it turned out so nice.

So there you go. I kinda feel like asking my yarn if her house was cleaner than mine, if the weather was nice, if her fur babies were as cute as mine but it's not talking.

Give and you shall recieve. Even if it's your stuff back again.