Saturday, May 31, 2008

A first blog

I'm not really sure what the blog will be about. Knitting... yes...posting pictures of knitting? yes. Seems my life for the last 3 years or so have been all about knitting. Wanna see some??

The purple and blue thing on my foot is my first sock. The yarn is from, but they don't carry it anymore.

The blanket is my first ever blanket and the biggest project I have ever done. It is a basketweave pattern in double stranded wool. I gave it to someone for a wedding present. I haven't talked to that person since her wedding day. Lots of work. Ugh. Regret the giving

The blue thing is my distasterous sweater of unending doesn't fit yeti doom. I had such a problem with the neck, that ripping 800 times caused it to be unwearable. That and it was about 7 sizes too big. Check gauge? me? nah

I do have some good stuff though. The blue striped bag is #1 of 4 so far of my own design using oddballs for good use. Cast on a bunch, pick up the stitches, knit in the round adding a new ball when you run out and cast off when you think it's big enough. Purple, pink and reds are now finished as well.

I also have started to spin. STARTED. Mom gave me her used Ashford Traditional, and I have been playing with getting it running. It was all put together, but come to find out missing a few key ingredients. Very key ingredients. So now that I have added those, I have been playing. Except for when DH wants to see what "this thing does" or why "this does this" and Itchy wants to run away with the roving, so far I have come up with this:

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