Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Have you looked on top of your fridge lately?

Holy crap guys, how the heck does it get so dirty up there? Honestly, all I do is put stuff on top of it, it's not like I stand on a ladder and cook up there or anything. Even the cats don't go up there (I think).

As you can tell I got on a bit of a cleaning bender today. Since I've been home, I have started to notice things. Like the dust buffaloes roaming the dessert of our home and the cat hair that is collecting into little kittens all over. I don't even mean to spend 3 hours cleaning, it just kinda morphs into this "lets sweep, o crap look at all that dust, lets dust, lets pull everything off the shelves and rearrange, lets mop, o look now this room looks so much cleaner than the other room now I have to do the same to that room" and that gradually escalates into me on a stepladder with 409 cleaning the top of the fridge.

God help us all when I get to the basement.

I leave you with kittehs sleeping through it all as if the mess had nothing at all to do with them

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