Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A F*(& ton of acrylic yarn

I had a mission for this week, to purge the acrylic yarn and organize the stash. Little did I know that this was to be a mission of extraordinary proportions, one which made me ponder just how many grandma's had to pass away for me to acquire this huge amount of acrylic yarn????

The before picture:

I actually thought I would only need this one bin for the acrylic yarn in my stash.


In which I realize I need more containers, and that my yarn addiction has most certainly gone way too far.

Hey! There are some empty containers there!

This is the end result, all of my lovelies that I actually love and use put away all nicely in their bins.

Please note, this picture is only reflective of half of the closet. The other half is just as nice, and just as full of yarn. Please don't judge me.

This is the actual amount of acrylic yarn leaving my house.
Seriously people, how the fuck did I get 4 garbage bags and 1 huge tub FULL OF ACRYLIC YARN!!!!!

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