Friday, November 21, 2008

I had an idea

I had a thought yesterday. I thought to myself, "why don't I buy a real honest to goodness but fake xmas tree for us?". I haven't had a real (fake) xmas tree in probably 10 years. Not really since I left the house. For a while my mom did xmas trees, but then it got down to one year all she did was get a branch from outside and put it on a table with some decorations. A BRANCH. That was my last tree. When I was a kid we had a tree every year. Some years we returned them after xmas, but there was always a tree, always a theme, and always my own ornaments. (Mom, can I have the red and blue birds back now please?) Even when we went to grandma's, and she had the hugest most ginourmous tree because she had a 18 foot high entry room, we had a tree at home.

Here the last couple years we had one of those tabletop fiberglass ones that have a million different lights. No siree-this year I wanted a tree. I have a house, I have a room, I have enough $ for one on sale, and I know where Target and Michaels' are.

So I got a tree. I got a prelit 7 foot tree. Pretty clear lights, nice height and fullness, not even that hard to put together. Really. I got a huge roll of sparkly silver ribbon and wound that around the tree for garland, got a million tiny sparkly silver snowflakes and hung those, found a sparkly silver star for the top, and one silver ornament in the shape of the eiffell tower. For those who know our engagement story. Oh, and 2 birdees just like the ones I had when I was a kid, only in red velvet. Gotta have a theme folks.

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