Monday, November 10, 2008

Let's vent!

First of all, Itchy didn't need a stupid tooth extraction. He just had really bad gingivitis. To be fair, he did need the procedure to clean his dumb tooth, but what we didn't need was a big huge ordeal before hand because of said extraction. If he just needed his dumb tooth cleaned I would have put it off. But of course, no way to know until xrays done. and xrays can't be done with Itchy until sedation. Heck, xrays take an hour with Mulder, and all you get is blurry head and legs. So fine. But still. Clean teeth, ticked off as all hell cat, shaved leg, and $300 later, we have one heck of a clean tooth. They did clip his nails to an obnixiously short length while he was under, and it is kinda funny to watch him slide when he thinks he'll grip. And the fight with the bandage on the arm from the iv was funny. But not that freaking funny.
Work is ticking me off too. Nothing to do with the actual work, just that one of our main providers has outsourced their claim status to an actual collections agency that sees nothing wrong with hanging up and calling back 5 times and harrassing my receptionist to get me on the phone for some dumb non emergency billing crap, and then being rude as crap and pissing me right the fuck off. I am attempting to go through all the right channells to get them fired, or at least to get them to stop freaking calling me. That was 8:20 am today. And you all know that my HUGEST MOST GINOURMOUS pet peeve is repeating myself. Lets just say by the 13 bagillionth time I'm not quite so nice anymore. Which ticks me off. Because I like my job and I like 98 % of the people I talk to and I don't like having to be "firm" or "rude" to anyone when it comes to work. We're all just trying to do our jobs and go home people, stop being an asshole.
And what I thought I could stave off as a headache that came every day has turned into migraine from hell (see above for reasoning). I want everything to be quiet. Dark, quiet, just knitting and maybe the tv.
Please, please, please, when I walk into work at 7am (7am people!) do not let ANYONE accost me at the door telling me about the current must resolve right the fuck now crisis. I might just implode.

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