Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This is only a test

I have 2 weeks off. I have nothing planned other than some dr's appts and knitting. Maybe painting a room. So I thought I would do a test. I sleep more than most people. I realize that 10 - 12 hrs of sleep is my "needed" amount for functioning during the work week. I have always been like this. Psychiatrists and dr's ask me about this. It has never changed. I have always gone to bed early and gotten up late. So, I thought I would do a test over this 2 weeks. See if going to bed when I'm tired and getting up when I'm awake changes over time. Sunday night I slept for 13 hrs. I went to bed at 10 and got up at 11 Monday night I slept for 12 hrs, went to bed at 10 and got up at 10.
Please do not do what other people do and be amazed and somewhat pissy about how much I sleep. If you have lived your whole life functioning a certain way, I'm not judging you.
I just wanna see if eventually my body finds a time zone it likes to work in.
This is just a test


Lieke said...

I know what you mean. If I've got some days off, I sleep 9-10 hours. I really need that amount of sleep. Don't let others decide how much you should sleep, just listen to your body.

Tracie said...

I have no comment for you and your sleep, other than to say- it's your vacation, enjoy it!

I am really jealous that you can do that. I can't. I have tried and it doesn't work. I could totally sleep right now but if I did, I would be up most of the night.