Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tired and busy

I haven't blogged all week because other than being really busy at work and really tired when I get home, not much else going on. The oddball pet blankets have stuttered almost to a halt, not a lot of people with time to work on them I guess. Maybe more when fall comes back around.
I finished up that pair of socks I was working on over my break, and am onto another pair of socks and another bag. I hit Michael's today to see what they have for new stuff in yarn, but other than the Lion Brand fisherman's wool, nothing impressive. Their store brand is just another brand of worsted weight acrylic in different colors, no difference I could see from that and the Vanna's choice/red heart. For some odd reason, they added tons more red heart and they still have a ton of homespun. So really nothing exciting. I guess I'll just have to continue to be a yarn snob. Oh well!

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