Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Possible Big Insurance Smackdown

So, the whole mess of my job is a big long complicated Corporate Saga, so I won't go into the minutia. Essentially certain people at Big Insurance Company that we've partnered with for 15 or so years tried to steal all of our providers from under our noses. CEO of said Insurance Company, and CEO of our company had no idea this was going on until someone called us and told us that this had happened. CEO of Big Insurance, CEO and CFO of our company and others held an emergency meeting yesterday of which the results are still unknown. I do know that CEO of Big Insurance company is quite pissed that these certain people did this, and I do know that our CEO is furious. Millions of dollars are on the table here, including the jobs of everyone in my company and the mental health care of each person that has said Big Insurance as their health insurance. And all because a few certain people decided to try to steal our company's business from us.

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