Sunday, September 6, 2009

Weekend Update

Just an update on my weekend. Had tons of fun with mom in Steven's Point, shopping, champagne and birthday stuff. I took pics of the Doc Marten's I found at a thrift store for 15$ that actually fit me! On the way there I stopped at Color Connection just outside of Hudson, had a fit of fun there, the women were lovely, kind, and sooooo welcoming. I wanted to move into the store. I got a niddy noddy, and lots of other goodies that I shouldn't have but couldn't help myself. Heck, when will I ever get back there? Really, if you are heading out of town to the east, you need to check these girls out. It's just 10 miles east of Hudson, and about 2 more miles to the north-ish. I found them thru a search on Ravelry. The pic of yarn is just one of the goodies I bought there, because I can't leave you without a pic of yarn!

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