Monday, March 22, 2010

No time to write, must spin, or is it knit?

Two of my favorite events are coming up very sooooooon, so soon in fact I can't spend any time blogging. I have to spin. Knit. spin. knit. spin. or is it knit????
The first is the MN Textile center garage sale in April. I blogged last year. Hence the reason behind the must knit. I always buy toooooo much there. It's not really my fault though. It's the yarn. It calls to me. It just feels so lonely and unloved, it needs a home and friends.
The second is the Shepherd's harvest festival in May. This is a spinners dream, and the first year I went which was 2 years ago was right before I got the wheel from my Mom and I still bought too much. Fiber is way cheaper than yarn, and has so many wonderful possibilities that aren't being held back by being yarn already that it's just way too much fun to buy too much.
So sorry for the short post, but you knitters/spinners understand right? Gotta make room!

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