Friday, April 24, 2009

Strange Occurences

The cats got along for about 10 whole minutes. This was the only window open today, and apparently they were both desperate enough for window-ness-birdy-looking that they sat actually TOUCHING for a whole 10 minutes. I have proof. See picture. It may never happen again, so I had to savor the moment for posterity.

In other news, there are 2 new rules in our house. Eric must come to bed at night instead of sleeping on the couch, and once a week preferably the weekend we spend a night doing something together. So far so decent. Last night he fell asleep on the couch and came to bed at 5:21. I woke up and told him it didn't count if he came to bed 9 minutes before the alarm went off. He disagreed. Then the alarm went off and he said he saw my point. Tonight we played video games together. Even though we are both exhausted from a long week and today was my first Friday back to work in 3 months, it was fun.

It also turns out I have 2 weeks off in may, and he has the same 2 weeks off. we are currently researching trips to the bahamas for a few days. sitting on the beach together sounds like heaven to me.

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