Sunday, April 12, 2009

I started my Mom's mother's day present, but because she reads this blog, all you get is a pic of the yarn I'm using. It's James C Brett "Marble", Acrylic but feels like a blend of wool. I have no qualms about acrylic, because nowadays there are so many choices out there for nice acrylic you don't have to be a snob. The color choices are amazing, the feel of the yarn is great, and it's all machine washable. A blanket made from acrylic today is not the same as a blanket made from acrylic 20 years ago. Yes, I like my snobby fancy yarn, but it has it's place. Acrylic suits the user/wearer 80% of the time if that person is not another knitter or knows how to care for 100% llama for instance. I think part of the process of knitting a gift for another person is taking into account how much care you are asking them to put into the garment or present after they receive it. Cashmere bed slippers for my mom, you betcha cuz she knows how to take care of them. But with this particular item, I want it to be something that looks great without causing heart palpitations when it's being used for fear of snags, shrinkage, stains, etc. I want this to be "usable".

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