Saturday, April 4, 2009

More Random Stuff

That is a picture of my brand new fancy schmancy jumbo flyer and bobbin full up with 2 ply merino. (wicked still has room!) I haven't figured out just how much yardage I got out of all of that yet, but I'm sure it's more than 20!

I met with Tracie today, she handed off the lovely Grapevine acrylic snuggle to me to finish and I gave her the baby set of doom to donate along with her pile of blankets when she goes. She mentioned that I should maybe save the set for a shower or something, but it has too much bad mojo in it, which was emphasized by both of us when we started ranting about the woman that didn't want it. Thank you Tracie for empathizing with me. It helps a lot. So, the set is out of my life, and someone who can use it will get it.
I also grabbed some more shelves from Michael's and painted those today, so they will go up probably tomorrow in my quest for more room in my craft room. No more room on floor, must use wall space now. Same goes for the tv, it got a wall fixture that will go up tomorrow so I have more room on that table. When I start hanging things from the ceiling it will be time to call in the experts, don't let me do it!
That's all for now. Mom and Leo are going to Mexico City for Leo's 12th birthday this week, happy bday hermanito, and mom is under orders for mexican yarn. Or at least a blanket.

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Tracie said...

It was nice to see you yesterday. The set is beautiful and you did a lovely job. Someone at HCMC is going to be very grateful----which is more than you can say for the original recipient. Ah well, forget her, she isn't worth it. Witch!