Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I bought a new car!!!!

I am so excited it's like christmas! Ever since Eric bought his new car I've been wanting to trade mine in. It was either that or put some serious tire, brake and other $ into the one I have. So I found a great car! It's a 2002 Jetta Wagon turbo thingamagigger!

The thing about buying a car, like buying a house is, the price is never the price. When all is done, you are spending about 50$ more a month than you originally thought because of the tax, the licence, the extended warranty (they talked me into a 3 year 3000 mile covers everything warranty because really, on a German car, those thingers can be expensive.) Even though I got the warranty for 300$ less than originally offered because I bargained a bit, interest rates suck right now for used cars, 2 banks I called won't even give out car loans on used cars anymore!

Anyhooooo.... I ended up spending about 200$ a month for 4years, with no penalty for paying off early, which I plan to do. I've been really good about getting my credit card down to under $1000, so I should be ok.

And I'm already smitten with this car. One funny thing though. I've never had a car that had power ANYTHING. The Tracer didn't even have a tape player, neither did the Tercel, and the LTD didn't have anything power that worked. So I go to get in this car to test drive, and it has every-freaking-thing. A moon roof for goodness sakes! POWER everything! I go to adjust the mirrors, and I start pushing the buttons, and they don't move the mirrors, so I tell the sales guy they're broken. He says "you have to turn on the car". I could've died. And because this is a foreign car, the console is all different. For a while on the highway I wondered why I wasn't going over 20 MPH, then I realized it was the RPM's. And I was doing 70. OOPPSEY.

And then the guy tried to call me on my cell phone and I never use it so I don't know what it sounds like so the whole time it's ringing I kept wondering why the fax machine was ringing.

Yep. It took my mom 10 years to get a VCR. I blame it on her.


Tracie said...

Sweet Ride! Congrats! Where did you get it? Now, I won't know you are at Caribou when we meet!

Mulderknitter said...

Sure you will! i'll be the really excited person about their car!