Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I found the phone charger. Now if I could just remember to keep the phone charged, we're in business.

I leave for Hawaii on Saturday. YAY! I have nothing packed, but I do "think" I know what knitting I'm bringing. Probably my entrelac and something else. Not sure what the "else" is. But I'm sure I'll find something other than the huge Monster afghan I'm still working on. Every time I get out the afghan, Eric says, "that's BIG". Yep. And we're only 1/2 thru baby. Not sure this sucker is going to be given to anyone.

Eric says he bought my present weeks ago. Well, then why the hell isn't it wrapped and under the tree so I can shake it and guess? I freely admit I am completely obnoxious when it comes to Christmas. I don't believe in any of the churchy stuff, but I love giving and getting presents. So much it makes me stupid. I have to open all of my presents on Xmas eve, and then I look for more on Xmas day like when I was a kid and on Xmas day my mom put the "Santa" gifts under the tree. Every year since I left home I've felt like I should still get "Santa" presents under the tree on Xmas day.

Now I feel old.

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