Friday, December 11, 2009

Officially Off Duty

I am off. No more Mrs. Nicey nicey. I am not "on" for anyone anymore. Not today, and probably not for the rest of the weekend. I am done being "correct" and saying the "correct worky work" thing. If you bitch at me I will give it back to you from now until 7am Monday. I will not placate you or try to smooth things over. I will not hold your hand and explain that you need Adobe to open a file even though you should have had Adobe installed 17 years ago. I will not spend 45 min on the phone discussing a contract that doesn't exist yet. No special favors. No direct phone calls. No skipping lunch for meetings to discuss shit no one has any answers for.
I am officially off duty. I am listening to KMFDM and any other bad ass loud ass music that fits my fancy and has as many swear words as possible, hopefully including the really nasty ones. I am going to sleep until 11 or 12, and if you call me asking for a donation to such and such, I will tell you to fuck right the fuck off and not feel bad at all.
Yes. I need a vacation.


wildrose said...

that's my girl!

Glen said...

Damn skippy! I wish that I could do that quite often but I have two kids so I don't get to clock out. I hope you had the best, most relaxing weekend ever.