Thursday, December 31, 2009

Who stole the sun?

We sat here for a few hours on our last day.
The stall where I bought my knock-off Coach bag for super cheap. They don't do the knock-offs the illegal way. They have no illegal labels on the bags, so it's all legal for them. But the vendors are doing horrible business right now, no one is really buying anything, and there aren't enough tourists, so they are discounting even more than they usually would thru bargaining. Needless to say I got an even cheaper deal on a cheap deal.

Look close, Santa and Mrs in the yard. With palm trees. And a Xmas tree done up.

Some stalls in China Town. We only took the trolley thru, (trolleys were everywhere and an awesome deal for tourist riding) because they were recently infested with rats. This was disappointing because we had wanted to go thru, but we were afraid to be stuck with no where to eat at because of the rats, so we just drove thru.

Worlds largest Hawaiian shirt. Really.

Me and Obama!

One of many sunsets. Sunsets only last about 5 min, so be quick!

The street outside our hotel. The hotel was fantastic, the Hawaii Prince, I highly recommend. A lot of business people, and because it was a 2 block walk to the beach, not a lot of kids. Some other hotels were literally swarming with kids, so this was good for us.

WTF! It's soooo cold here! Why do I live in MN?

Just a few pics of the trip to tide you all over until I get my mojo back from the trip. The flight back was complete hell. We spent 9 hours in the airport for a delayed flight, then another 8 hours on the plane home. I almost hurt a small child for kicking my seat relentlessly, which I don't think I would have felt too badly about.

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