Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Yarn from Hawaii

Crystal Palace Mini Mochi
Plymouth Yarns Mushishi

I did manage to do some yarn shopping in Hawaii. Before we left, I looked up what store might be close on Ravelry, and found Yarn and Friends right there. No problemo! I wrote down the address, and went to Hawaii, thinking, no big deal. How hard can it be to find a yarn shop?

Well, turns out it was a bit of a day long adventure. We left in the morning, with my little address in hand, to do some sightseeing. The trolley would take us right by the street the yarn shop was on! Yay! Just get off on one of the stops and find it!

Well, turns out Mom isn't as "just walk and see" as I am, and (rightly so) insisted I call and get directions after 1/2 day of trolley and not being close. After I get directions, the trolley guy says we can get on a bus after his stop and ride down there, but heck, it's only 5 blocks right? Hawaii blocks are waaaayyy longer. It's ok though, because we get off the trolley, and the bus we could've taken ends up being pulled over by about 8 police cars and they get on trying to get 1 person off. Tell me I can't escape mental health even on vacation!

We did find the yarn store, little closet of a store, not a lot of yarn, and it turns out those Hawaiian knitters sure like their novelty yarn! Fun fur, boucle, etc, not a lot of regular yarny goodness. I did manage to pick up a few though, thank goodness. I did have to sit thru an instruction by the owner of the store on her particular pattern (a shrug-I'm not into shrugs) that she insisted I take with. Gosh, I sure do hope by now I know ribbing. She was nice though.

Turns out the yarn is great. Just have no idea what to use it for. (Definitely not a shrug)

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