Monday, April 12, 2010

Can't tell you what it is, but these buttons are going on Mom's Mother's Day present. I got out the whole button box (old wine box) and went thru all of the buttons, and these are what I came up with.
I cut the tulips from my yard today because the landscapers come on Wed and are gutting all of our plants around the whole yard. And the squirrrels eat the tulips as soon as they bloom anyway, so I grabbed what I could:
This is the front yard. They are digging out everything and planting nice clean easy to maintain evergreens. No flowers for the squirrels, no crap to have to weed. Nice low maintenance evergreens

This is the pond. I love the pond. I don't even really mind cleaning out the pond and refilling it. But Eric hates it. So this year, the landscapers are going to clean it and re-do the rocks and such so that we get nice water flow. They are also pruning the lilac bush around and over it so it gets more sun and less crap in it.
The metal cow from our friend Mike stays though.

This is the side and back yard. They are also getting rid of all this crap that the previous owners thought was great and giving us more evergreens!

That is all for now.
I will hopefully get some nice "after" photos when it's all done!

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