Friday, April 9, 2010

Stupid Slippers

I joined the Ravelry bandwagon and got the French Press slipper pattern. This is my first attempt:

I made the medium size, I have a size 7.5 foot. Totally turned out too big. Felted for over an hour and now they are in the dryer trying to shrink them down. They are so big that putting them on makes me look like a Xmas elf without the bells on the toes.

So far the pattern was easy, the seaming is a pain in the ass, and I agree with other Ravelers on a few things:

1:7$ is too much for one pattern

2:Not specifying the type of make one that works best is a negative. I used the m1 by lifting the bar below, which caused a hole, which shows on only 1 of the slippers and not the other.

3: The sides are too short. I may try to mod by not decreasing as much for that middle part.

Things I like:

1: Easy peasy pattern.

2: Even if you are a beginner knitter, if you think about the construction of the slipper, you can modify the pattern to fit you better.

3: It uses up scrap-wool stash. Even if using the scrap wool stash is purely an attempt to perfect the $&#! thing.

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