Sunday, July 13, 2008

Another perfect sunday

Friday I took a half day from work. I might be able to do this from now on if I work 4 9 hr days, or take the whole day if I can life thru 4 10 hr days. We''ll see. There was a garage sale in columbia heights that advertised yarn, so I decided to make the trek there after work friday. The garage yarn was so so, so I hit Savers a few blocks up. Got some great yarn that came in a bag with crap yarn, and some 10 or more things of ribbon with some other crap stuff. Totally worth it. On my way back there was an estate sale in an old theatre (play kind of theatre.) They were selling all the costume and prop stuff.

Back story butt in here.... ever since I updated my craft room I have been looking for the perfect sewing chair. It has to be the right height, because sitting on pillows and using the foot pedal on the machine don't work. At all. So months have gone by and either the chairs are too big for the space or they are too expensive or they require too much work to redo.

Hence estate sale. Found perfect stool. Ugly, but totally perfect. Sturdy, and examining the bottom saw that the cushion would come off easily to be recovered. (always check the bottom to see how the cushion is attached. If you see that old nailhead trim you better like what is on that cushion cuz there aint no changing it) This is my $8 find. Before, and after pics.

Before the yucky brown paint and yucky red stained velvet cover and after, I painted to match the shelf and thread holder on the walls, and DUG in the back of my closet for the fabric I KNEW I had that would be perfect. Bought the fabric some years ago somewhere for close to nothing. About 2 yards of it. Fabric is like yarn. You see something perfect and cheap and you grab it even if it will sit somehwere for 2 years. You WILL eventually find what it is made to be.
Total cost, $8. I already had the paint and the fabric. 2 hours to finish the redo, including 2 coats of paint and stopping to talk to neighbor Robin who saw from her window I was doing something on the front porch and had to come see. (nosy neighbors, but I love her).
The best thing about my projects for my room are that a: i do them when I feel like it, I have the space to do them whenever now b: I am by no means a perfectionist, and my redo stuff is not perfect. but I love it, the finding stuff, the figuring out what to do, the painting or stripping, none of it turns out perfect but I have so much fun I don't care. c: the end product is what I want it to be. nothing more, nothing less. I'm not pleasing anyone here but myself. This room is mine. I recognize that it's a bit unfair that DH doesn't have a whole room of his own. But really, I have compromised on the rest of the house for his tastes, so it feels a bit more fair for me.

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