Friday, July 11, 2008

Migraines suck my a#@

Do you get migraines? I do. They suck. a lot. In fact, the reason I am blogging on them is because I have one right now and I feel like ripping my head off and throwing it in the washer for a bit....just to get rid of the STABBING PAIN IN MY RIGHT FREAKING EYE!
I know... headaches suck. they stick with you all day until you take some advil and drink a bunch of water to rehydrate your brain.
Let me tell you foks, migraines are ABSOLUTELY not headaches. In fact, mine tend to arse up my vision and word comprehenseion/composition center of the brain so that I can neither see clearly, but I also can't really explain what is going on. the only reason I can type this is because of the backspace button.
Seriously, would someone get the samuri sword out of my right temple?
The first time I ever had a migraine I was in my junior year of high school, taking my english comp exam. This exam went to the colleges you were applying to. I wanted to be an english major. All of a sudden, I could only see parts of things. Black spots everywhere. I moved my head to try to read past the black spots and finsihed the darn exam. Dont even remember if I passed. (of course it had to be an essay exam, bless her heart ms. english teacher) mri's and ct scans later, I have migraines. When I was 17, there were no great migraine meds. I got put on a med that literally made me drop asleep. Narcolepsy in the form of big fat freaking headache. Mom wrote a note to the school "if daughter falls asleep in class it is her meds"
I don't get migraines often. In fact, I have no meds for them anymore. I used to have some, but they interacted bad with my Effexor, so I quit. Usually, I can see them coming. I take a double dose of advil or tylenol and I'm ok. not great, but ok. This one hit me out of nowhere, like they sometimes do.
Please, someone get the little man with the samuri sword out of my right temple!

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