Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I have way not been posting

Sorry. I have just started to work an extra hour each day so I can have half days on Friday's and it is seriously kicking my hardwired home early butt. So on top of not having extra time to post, if I did post, it would consist of.. I came home and sat on my butt for a long time, ate some crap I shouldn't eat and went to bed. Not so exciting.

But I have been knitting, and I recently discovered the show Dexter is a great knitting show. Kinda like Nip Tuck, a bit disturbing, well a lot disturbing, but like a train wreck. You saw the first end of the train wreck so now you want to see the gross stuff.

I did spin a bit today too, figured out that my wheel will ply the way I want it to, so don't have to worry about extra stuff. Now I just need more bobbins because they are all full.

I have no pics of knitting or spinning, so I will throw in a random cute cat.
random cute cat is itchy attacking the first-no second-knitted fishy. First died an untimely death. I blame the catnip.


Just me, Lynn893 said...

Poor fishy....

I'm actually leaving a comment regarding your carpet... yep, your carpet... I love it!
It's beautiful! Do you mind telling me where you bought it?

Mulderknitter said...

I actually got the carpet at target of all places. It was the only one that me and DH agreed on. Around $100?