Tuesday, July 29, 2008

want fiber?

I recently bought a ton (well about 2 pounds) of fiber from the best distributer I have found. The site is Coppermoose.com, and the owner of the site runs the whole business himself. His wife passed at an early age from a horseriding accident, which is what brought me to the site, but by goodness gracious does he have the most gorgeous stuff. Hand made spindles, wheels, and fiber by the gagillion. I bought 5 different merinos from him, it was so cheap, only $15 per 8 oz, best darn deal to be had, and he had it on my door in 2 business days. (shipped friday, got monday). You can email him questions, leave a voice mail, pay by paypal or like I did leave your credit card info on his voice mail. He replies like lightning. Love that site. Will buy from him forever and ever.

Pics are of the roving I bought, and the spun stuff is what I guiltily spun before I thought I should dig in. The spun stuff I bought at the shepherd's harvest festival, from Chamomileconnection.com. More lovely stuff. A bit difficult to draft, so I just pre-drafted.

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