Thursday, July 2, 2009

Busy busy

I've been very busy lately. Work is getting out of control because the electronic billing deadline is looming and no one is ready. Well, we are, but none of our providers are. I am spending a LOT of time on the phone, which I don't particularly care for.
Been knitting crazily too. Finished the big thing for mom. no pics, sorry. Almost done with another pair of socks, and knitting on my 2nd Falling waters scarf.
I did realize today when I got my 2nd Knitpicks package in the mail with all my sale goodies, that I may have reached SABLE. Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy. No, it's not just because of this one package, it only had 8 skeins of yarn. Wool of the Andes to be exact. But between all the yarn that has exploded once again out of the walk in closet that is the size of a small bathroom and founds it's way to the floor and the desk that I recently was so proud of clearing off, I may have reached maximum capacity. Good thing I got some more pattern books from the knitpicks sale. 40 % off all their books ya know. And I got a cute little WPI doodad for all my handspun and odds and ends yarn that I don't have a label for so I know what weight it is so I can actually knit with it.
Baby steps.

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