Monday, July 13, 2009

Knot a Problem

There's a group on Ravelry, Knot a Problem, that apparently houses a bunch of people that find untangling yarn to be therapeutic. Far be it for me to judge, I immediately contacted them when I found them and sent my blue satin yarn that "someone" played with to a girl in Boston. Weird, I know, but darn it all if the girl hasn't gotten back to me already and has untangled the stuff. I threw it against the wall and called it names. Like I said, I don't judge. I wouldn't have minded the tangle so much if I wasn't particularly fond of this ribbon "yarn." but I am. It goes nicely double stranded as an edge to a cardigan or sleeve. No, no charge, just a small present in exchange.
That's what I love love love about Ravelry and You can TRUST these people. Well, 95% of them at least. These aren't rogue fiber website searchers looking to steal your ribbon yarn. They don't ask for money or a cashier's check. they don't want to meet you at their house, unless it's for knitting. they don't spam the crap out of you when they get your email address. I've met with Tracie and some other knitters that I had never met before just online without a hint of apprehension. Cuz, seriously, if one of these people was pretending to be a knitter and met you at a coffee shop, and they weren't a knitter, you'd know. RIGHT AWAY. They'd be knitting with plastic straights a 5 stitch garter stitch scarf.
Oh, and go to if you haven't yet and donate!

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