Monday, September 22, 2008

yep, still obsessed

It's been a full week since last blog, and I have managed to get to almost the very end of the last book. Honestly, I'm exhausted. Too exhausted to finish the book tonight, even though it would only be another hour or so of reading. I read all last week, and literally got up at 9:30 am sunday and read until 8pm. I even had to stop myself from reading while cooking (because I forgot to eat) and call Amy to talk about the book. The book is Breaking Dawn, the last book of the series in my last blog. Crack I tell you. Crack.
Amy read the series in a week. Said she didn't sleep and had a stomache ache from the damn series. I didn't believe her until last night. After reading about Bella and Edward and the rest for a good 11 hrs, no breaks at all, I dreamt of them. I woke up thinking in some dreamlike state I was in the book. I spent all day thinking about the stupid book.
Have any of you ever been so immersed in a book that you read non stop for a whole day or more, and start to feel like you are living in that "story" because it's all you have been doing? Jane Eyre? Anne Rice? VC Andrews?

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