Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The sisterhood of the traveling yarn

Aka: my yarn goes on a vacation.

A few posts ago you may remember a fellow Raveler in need of some yarn I had. Said yarn was just in my closet, so away 4 skeins went to help her finish her sweater (great job Bley! I may copy!). Turns out she only needed 2. 2 left.

Enter being nice remorse. Said yarn is angora/wool. Not the most expensive yarn on the planet, and it fuzzes a bit in knitting, but really nice nonetheless. I was/am really happy to have been able to help her out, but I realized that in letting 4 skeins go, I only had 6 left, not enough for the nice warm long sleeved/possible turtleneck sweater I envision this yarn to grow up to be.

Lo and behold, the knitting fates smiled on us both. She finished her sweater, and had 2 skeins left. she emailed me if I wanted the other 2 returned to me. !!!!!! How nice! She could have just made a matching hat or something, but now I get to have enough for at least a long sleeved sweater, and I may copy hers it turned out so nice.

So there you go. I kinda feel like asking my yarn if her house was cleaner than mine, if the weather was nice, if her fur babies were as cute as mine but it's not talking.

Give and you shall recieve. Even if it's your stuff back again.

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bibliophile said...

I am sure my house is not cleaner than yours! I did get a Dyson last week though; yeah!