Monday, September 8, 2008

Me... Cooking!

I hate to cook. Really. Dinner can be anything that doesn't require cooking, which for other people is a snack. I just eat a lot so that it's dinner. A whole bag of chips. Popcorn. Sometimes I'll nuke a brat, but otherwise, no cooking.
I am though, after 7 years or so, getting quite sick of how much I spend on lunches. I have to eat lunch. It's my main meal. and if there isn't something in the freezer at work, I get take out. Ugh. $15 sometimes. At least once a week.
I'm not all that bad though, I usually hit the store on Monday and stock up for the week on frozen meals. Today's frozen meals aren't all that bad, and they aren't terribly expensive, but they are more expensive than cooking at home.
After reading Crazy Aunt Purl's blog the last few weeks I am going to try to cook more and take more to work from home. Tonight I made frozen ravioli and garlic bread. The garlic bread is just bread with butter and garlic powder in the oven, and the ravioli is... well... frozen. But it's all good and cheap. $3 ravioli bag, 4 meals, $4 sauce, bread about $.75 for the 6 slices. All said, maybe $12 for a week of meals. Even buying frozen lunches would be double at least.
What are you doing to save money?

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