Thursday, June 11, 2009

A few truths

1. give a man a fish, and he eats for a day. send a girl brownies, and she eats half the pan in a day.
2. if you eat half a pan of brownies in a day, you will have to poop. More than usual. This is usually an inconvenient issue.
3. said woman will still come home and "negotiate" brownies for "dessert". "dinner" was cheese and crackers with a bit of cat spit because Mulder likes cheese and crackers too.
4. No knitting will be done because sugar high has induced an inordinate amount of "organizing". I had to find my stitch dictionary. But then I had to cast off the baby blanket. And I haven't finished the sideways scarf yet. And oh crap mom's thingy is still right there on the floor. and Mulder needs his shot. you get the point.
5. If you get an email from brownie-maker-sender that asks if "honestly" they were good, no amount of CAPS LOCK works to evoke enough emotion. Offer to send pics of half gone pan and bloated tummy to prove point.
6. After telling numerous coworkers about how awesome brownies are, they wonder out loud if knitter-brownie-sender didn't maybe include a "special" ingredient in brownies, and begin to wonder yourself because this is the 2nd blog about said brownies.


Lieke said...

Well, I can't blame you. Brownies are divine! (and honestly, I think they're better than knitting...only thing is, I don't gain weight from knitting, so that's the reason I knit more than I eat brownies)

By the way, you just made me want to make brownies myself...

Holly said...

You made me LOL! I promise there was nothing "funny" in the brownies. Just normal brownie stuff. Glad you enjoyed them.