Friday, October 23, 2009

I am not a good sick person

Ok, I can totally deal with being sick for a day, maybe 2. But this cold from hell that has been with me for 7 days now is really ticking me off. And not in the "oh, I feel miserable" sort of ticked off. Ticked off to the point of swearing like a sailor every time I sneeze (every 15 seconds or so), completely giving up on acting like a sick person and trying my level best to do normal healthy person things like the laundry and sweeping up the cat litter, then getting pissed because it exhausts me and sitting and bitching out loud to myself and the cats about how much I hate this. Today I managed the post office, the movie store, and the liquor store. I threw in some laundry, cleaned the poop boxes, and then sat. And sat.

Hard cider qualifies as Vitamin C, right?

At least the Scrunchable scarf is coming along nicely.

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