Sunday, November 29, 2009

Entrelac Success!

Dexter with catnip fishey

I spent Friday afternoon at the Knitter's Palette in Lakeville with the incredibly awesome group of knitters there, and got some expert advice on my entrelac, thank goodness. I had printed out some of the directions I got links to, but still needed help at a few spots. I have to say I am now trucking along with my entrelac. No idea what it is going to be, but it's sure fun anyway!

I also spent part of today making more catnip fishes for the boys. I planned on making 10 or so, but only got 4 out before my sewing machine ticked me off. It has the bobbin that opens underneath with the 4 or so parts to it that seem to continuously jam on me. It's a Singer model I got about 6 or more years ago, so I asked for an upgrade for Xmas. I picked out a nice Brother machine that had great reviews on Amazon, a drop in bobbin with auto winder, 1 step button hole, and a few other extras I now want. I have fabric and everything for a nice curtain for the mudroom, but the machine frustrates me so much, and cleaning and taking it apart doesn't help.

Dexter and Itchy both love the fishes though, so I will certainly be finishing off the rest of them!


Tracie said...

WAY TO GO!!! The entralac looks great!

Mulderknitter said...

Thanks! It's challenging

wildrose said...

I had the same problem over & over, it was not actually in the bobbin, it was with the threading on the upper part from thread spool to needle - get out your book, you may be missing one connection, hope this helps!

Glen said...

Nice work! Looks very complicated but I've heard tell that it actually is not. It looks beautiful. (P.s. Still loving the wheel...although I haven't done too much of anything lately.)