Friday, November 13, 2009

Is Mulder's diabetes a big deal?

I was at knitting night tonight, and again, I got a reaction to having to leave to give Mulder his shot that I'm not used to. People seemed amazed that I have a diabetic cat that I give shots to twice a day, and that it's ok with both me and Mulder.
I've had this reaction before, but secondhand, from coworkers of Eric's, so not usually am I confronted with someone that thinks it's unusual for me to devote so much to my cat. According to him, a lot of them would have put him down, which is ridiculous to me.
Really, it's been 2 years. And while it kinda sucks to have to make sure I'm home around his shot time (it doesn't have to be specific) it's not so bad really. And he's my guy. How could I not?
So is this really weird, or are other people making a big deal out of normal cat ownership behavior? Do you do something special for your cat?


Tracie said...

You are a good kitty mommy!!! One of my cats has a urinary tract disease for which we have to feed them soft food. Because of this, they get fed 2x a day. We try to be pretty on time with this so sometimes, I do cut things short to get home and feed my babies. We all do what we gotta do!

wildrose said...

Ok, I try not to comment on too much cuz I'm your Mom! but you know what I've always done for our cats - would they have their child/ren "put down" if they were diabetic??