Saturday, November 7, 2009

More stupid amounts of fun!

A member of Ravelry posted a few days ago that she had found a spinning wheel on Craigslist, but because she has never spun on a wheel, she wanted someone to go with her to look at it to make sure it was in working order. I took a look and it was the exact model as the one I own, and looked pretty decent to me. LALALALALALA of COURSE I will go on a trip to see a wheel and enable you in buying it! I don't know you, but you knit and use Ravelry, so you must be a friend I just haven't met yet!
Turned out to be the most lovely day to do so! Not all of you know, but I hate driving (especially on the freeway) with a sincere passion and will usually avoid it if I can. But since buying the VW it's gotten a bit better, and it was sunny and about 65 here today, and it was for fiber!
Turns out the wheel was an absolute bargain! The darn girl got out of her van and I thought, she needs this wheel. Right. NOW. The excitement was dripping off of her. The woman selling the wheel was moving and just didn't use it enough, and had never gotten any extras for it, so she was selling it for a great price. Read, if I were more evil I would've snatched that darn thing so fast no one would know it was me. I brought some wheel oil and she spun like mine never did in the beginning. Read, jealously seeping off of me. She took the fiber without even needing to draft, that's how lovely she was.
Why is the wheel a she? I don't know. Probably because she'll be temperamental and never spin that nicely again unless you oil her and speak softly.
The woman that I was actually testing the wheel for wanted to buy me lunch or something, but I really think that would've been like robbery. I can't have that much fun and ask for something in return!

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Glen said...

And I still love you for going with me. :) (I looked at your rav profile and saw your blog.)