Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I am not alone

Even though I don't get the regular comments that other bloggers of note do, it would seem that I am not alone in the world of knitting/cat/whatever bloggers and people DO read me. Case in point, blog about needing help, and you get wonderful people replying to you. Suzygirl & Holly have both given me wonderful links to explore for the world of entrelac.
If only I could count to 7 now, I will be on my way.


Suzy Girl said...

I'm here (waving) :)

Tracie said...

Good Luck with the entralac...that's one thing I don't think I will try.

Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Julie said...

I know about that comment thing. Even though I'm not a knitter I'm just going from blog to blog and up pops yours with my thought so here's a comment for you.
Keep up the great work, I love reading what others are up to.
Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless.