Friday, November 20, 2009

Is it my bumper sticker?

Lantern Moon project bag

Yarn for entrelac scarf

Dream in color "starry"


Today I had the day off from work and decided to head down to Lakeville to pick up the doohickey (Scotch tension knob) that had come in for me. While on 35 south, I ran into traffic of the kind that makes you wonder if you had just been teleported to LA or New York city or something. And of course every time I get on that particular stretch of highway I forget that my exit is on the left, not the right. So I have to merge. 2 whole lanes. in traffic. Standstill traffic. No one lets me in. (Well, no one ever lets anyone merge in MN, but I take it personally). It dawns on me as I sit stalling my lane from moving the 4 inches a minute with my blinker on watching driver after driver not even look at me while not letting me in, that it could be my OH so leftist bumper sticker. Eh, oh well.....Maybe as retribution I'll let EVERYONE IN FRONT OF ME IN to get back at those jerks.

I did eventually get to the Knitter's Pallette though. While there I got my doohickey, some lovely Dream in Color Starry that has actual silver flecks in it (ooooooh sparkly socks are coming!) and some other yarn to try entrelac with. Oh, and I picked up a project bag/cube that Lantern Moon just came out with. A bit of a splurge, but I love everything that Lantern Moon makes, I feel like all of their products are little luxuries, (like the rosewood needles I love) so I got one.

All in all a very lovely day. Especially when 4 people in the store exclaimed "Your'e Mulderknitter!". That was fun.

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