Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Something weird

There is something weird that happens when you decide to do ALL of the laundry that's been sitting around. You suddenly realize a lot of odd things all at once.
1 You have a crapton of clothes
2 You still have nothing to wear and you hate it all
3 Except for the super cute burgundy corduroy jacket that yes indeed is missing.
4 You do not have enough hangers
5 Someone came and stole all of your underwear except the crappy stuff.


Buster said...

Were you at my house this weekend? Because this exact scenario went down. Except it wasn't burgundy corduroy, it was beige seersucker. (It's cute, I swear.)

Mulderknitter said...

I'll give you back the seersucker if you hand over the corduroy