Wednesday, May 26, 2010

This little girl was hanging out at work this morning when I got there. She was hungry, shaking, cold, wet, and hurt badly on her back foot. She was also the cutest and sweetest thing on the face of the planet

As you can see, her foot is about 3 times the size of her other foot. Some asshole put a tourniquet on her and almost cost her the whole foot. Her entire paw was sliced open on the pads.

I think there is a special place in Hell for people that neglect or abuse animals.

We called Animal Control, and a very nice officer came and took her along with a coworker to the animal hospital. They won't have to amputate her foot, which they were afraid of, and she might not need stitches if they can help it. The coworker wants to adopt her, but is afraid of the expense. She did hear from the officer (who has rescued and kept 3 of his own dogs) that said the station could impound her for 10 days, then she could come get her at a lesser expense than having to pay all the vet bills out of pocket.


Pam said...

Oh, that poor dog! I hope your co-worker ends up with her and the dog doesn't go back to the original owner.

My heart just aches when I hear stories like that.

Buster said...

I'm with Pam; stories about abused animals break my heart.

I hope your coworker can keep her.