Friday, May 21, 2010

Kill me now

All I have to say about this week is that I actually had to complain to my boss that my coworker was clipping his toenails at his desk. And she's threatening to call HR in to mediate the situation. What in the name of everything is there to mediate? How do you mediate NOT clipping your toenails at your desk?
A better idea would be to mediate me NOT waiting in the parking lot for him to come out and ramming my car into him over and over and over back and forth until his toes become severed from the rest of his body.
THAT would be a better idea.


Buster said...

There's a nail clipper in my office too. Blergh.

What mediation is necessary? Shouldn't the boss just say, "stop clipping your toenails at work," and be done with it?

I went with confront-so-everyone-can-hear with my coworker. "Are you CUTTING YOUR TOENAILS? And leaving the clippings on THE FLOOR? That is DISGUSTING!"

Like prairie dogs, all the neighboring cube-dwellers stood up, got a good look at the goings-on, and joined me in my disgust.

Mulderknitter said...

Unfortunately he does it for the attention, so making a scene would just make him happier. He's a bit adolescent that way.