Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Shepherd's Harvest pics

Just for kicks, I got a picture of all 3 boys together. I was playing on the Wii fit and they were all rapt, as they should be. Of course Mulder is in his king position on the pillow, Itchy on the arm, and Dexter on the cushion.
This is the sheep dog demo I got to watch a bit of. I was pausing to drink some hot coffee, it was freezing. The dogs were pretty cool, and fun to watch.
This is a knitted wedding dress I saw. The woman that knit it wore it for her wedding, as well she should. I would wear it every day, and end up 50 years later covered in cobwebs in a dilapidated mansion.

Those were the best photos. I had a blast, came home with enough fiber and yarn to spin and knit for at least another year.

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