Thursday, May 6, 2010

Whatcha eating?

I really suck at feeding myself. This has become more apparent this week on vacation as I try to fend for myself and not rely on my daily frozen lunch in the microwave for my main meal of the day.
Today out of desperation for normal-ish food and something new, I made hard-boiled eggs for the first time ever in my life. Really. It was a feat to behold. I even had to look up how to do it on the Internet. Seriously. I paced for the whole 10 minutes they were "simmering" which I'm not really even sure I know what that means, thinking the whole time they would explode on the stove just like the time my Mom put them in the microwave and they blew the door off.
When they were done, I ate them with trepidation. They smelled good, they tasted good, but for about 2 hours I was beset with the idea that I would have food poisoning because I didn't do it right. Which I don't by the way. I'm fine. I think.
So I've realized I'm probably going to starve to death by this time next week if I don't get some ideas soon. I HATE TO COOK. Seriously. When I lived by myself I was so freaking proud of myself for making a spaghetti dinner that I thought I was queen of the world. I do that about once a year. Macaroni & cheese from the box is my cooking. And I only do that once a week or so. A plate of bacon used to and still can be a nice dinner. Add an egg if you have them, but they're easier to cook when you float them in the bacon grease so you can flip them. Rice-a-roni is not a side but a well thought out meal.
So what do you make? Is there anything in a box I can make other than pasta? A can of something other than ravioli? No. I willnotmakeramen.


Tracie said...

Get a crock pot. Easy meals with no work other than defrosting meat and dumping a few things together. And get the crock pot liners- they are the best. I make a stroganoff and a roast beef dinner- amazing with no effort!!!!!

Glen said...

I agree with the crock pot. Definitely! Put a roast in there with some Lipton onion soup and, if you're feeling saucy, a bit of burgundy wine. MMmmmm.

Spaghetti is easy. Brown some ground beef (just put it in a frying pan over medium, chop it up, stir it frequently until there is no pink, and voila!), put it in with some jarred sauce, boil up noodles, you're golden.

Mushroom chicken is another favorite here. Get cream of mushroom soup, boneless, skinless chicken breasts, and some egg noodles. Cook the noodles according to the package (basically boil til done). Then put some olive oil in a frying pan/skillet. Heat it for a few minutes over medium heat then put the chicken breasts in. Cook, turning over every few minutes until the chicken is no longer pink inside. Pour the soup over the chicken and then pour 1/2 a can of water over that. Stir until the soup starts to boil. Reduce heat until it is gently bubbling (that's a simmer!) and cook for about five minutes or until the soup has gotten a bit thick. Serve over noodles. MMMmmm...again. :)

Good luck!!

Glen said...

P.s. You know the chicken is no longer pink by cutting into it.

P.P.S. Get that crock pot and then get a Fix, Forget, and Feast cookbook. (They rock.) Most of the recipes are basically like this:
Gather ingredients.
Dump ingredients into crock pot.
Turn on crock pot.
Walk away.
Come back some time later.