Sunday, December 7, 2008

Great weekend for finishing things

This weekend I finished many things. So many that I am high on myself. Dancing in my pants happy.

I knitted Charlie's sweater (Sarahs' baby to be) in only 3 days and finished with about 3 feet of yarn to go. I only had one skein of this particular discontinued bought at a thrift store yarn, and prayed to the yarn goddess to let me finish. I had to knot a few strands together to get the seaming done, but it's done. And it's darn cute. It's the baby yoda pattern on

I finished 2 mug cozies, one for grandpa and one for enrique. They are wrapped and ready to mail.

I finished moms shopping and all of that is wrapped and ready to mail.

Biggest thing of all I finished a pair of flannell pajama bottoms 3 years in the making for Eric. He's wearing them now. They fit. They were 3 years in the making because the first go round I seamed up the crotch instead of the legs. Had to sit and patiently rip seams. That got done today and after about an hour at the machine, he has pants.

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